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2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S - $87,350 (policy limits)   |   2017 Mercedes AMG GT - $50,00   |   2015 Porsche GT3 - $45,000   |   2016 Tesla Model X - $32,000   |   2017 McLaren 570GT - $30,000   |   2016 Porsche GT3RS - $25,000 (policy limits)   |   2005 Ferrari F430 Spider - $25,000 (policy limits)   |   2004 Ferrari 360 - $23,343 (policy limits)   |   2018 Tesla 3 - $23,670   |   2015 Mercedes C-63 AMG - $20,000   |   2013 Chevy Silverado - $18,335 (policy limits)   |   1974 Porsche 911S - $18,095

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    Diminished Value Lawyers in California

    For years, insurance companies have aggressively tried to deny that diminished value is recoverable in California. To skirt the law, insurers relied on a confusing jury instruction to mislead vulnerable accident victims—making them believe that only their vehicle’s cost of repair was recoverable, and that there was no legal basis for recovering diminished value.

    In 2015, the law office of Kerr & Sheldon assisted consumer attorney Montie Day, Esq. in successfully petitioning the California Supreme Court Judicial Counsel to remedy the confusion caused by the previous jury instruction.

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