What is Loss of Use?

Loss of Use Claims in California

If your vehicle has been damaged or totaled in an accident, you are entitled to recover Loss of Use damages from the responsible driver’s insurer. Loss of Use claims are often made in conjunction with Diminished Value claims, but can also be pursued separately.

An owner is entitled to recover the Loss of Use of their vehicle from when the vehicle is wrecked until it is repaired or settled as a total loss. Damages are determined by the reasonable cost to rent a similar vehicle for the amount of time necessary to repair or replace the vehicle.

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How is Loss of Use Calculated?

Damages for Loss of Use can be significant. Most new, luxury or exotic cars, trucks or RV’s rent for hundreds of dollars a day. Repairing these vehicles can take weeks or more to complete. For example, a Ferrari’s comparable rent is about $1,000 per day. If repairs took thirty days to complete, the Ferrari’s Loss of Use would be $30,000.

Insurers often provide lesser quality rental cars as a substitute. Don’t be fooled; unless it is a comparable rental vehicle, you are still entitled to Loss of Use less a credit for whatever amount the insurer paid for the economy rental.

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